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Introduction to “HPE Software Testing Engineer” Training Program of Rongzhi College of CTBU

Introduction to “HPE Software Testing Engineer” Training Program of Rongzhi College of CTBU

In 2016, Rongzhi College of CTBU and Hewlett Packard Enterprise(China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter HPE Company) cooperated to set up the unique HPE Software Institute in Chongqing. In addition to cultivating students with “Software Engineering” professional qualifications, HPE Software Institute also provides “HPE Software Testing Engineer” training services to the whole society. HPE Software Institute has enrolled 154 students in its training program since its establishment. Graduates are now employed by well-known IT companies such as FiberHome Technologies Group (ASEM), ASUS, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and MediaTek (Taiwan-funded enterprises),and have widely earned the acclaim of the employers.  

I. The Objective

The HPE Training Program with five-month customized training courses will enable the students to meet the basic requirements as junior software testing engineers. The training program aims at developing technical personnel that are capable of independent software testing, design implementation and analysis. Real cases are throughout the whole learning process so as to create a “learning while working” environment for students to enhance their soft skills and hard skills required in the future work.

II. The Program Advantages

1. Industrial Resources: The program gives full play of the advantages of HPE Company in terms of brand, capital, technology and personnel. Industrial resources are fully exploited to train the students to meet the demand for IT professionals in various industries, and promote the benign development of the entire software service industry accordingly.

2. The Faculty: The training faculty is composed of both senior engineers from HPE Company who have more than 10-year working experience and outstanding teachers of related majors from Rongzhi College. Excellent faculty rich in theoretical teaching experience and engineering practice will provide a strong guarantee for training outstanding professionals.

3. Professional Qualification Certificate: Students are required to take the unified examination organized by HPE Company when the training project ends. Those who complete all the training courses and pass the examination will be conferred the Software Testing Engineer Certificate by HPE Software Institute. Moreover, the training process will facilitate the students to win the qualification of ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), which is the most authoritative certificate in the international software testing field.

4. Low Entry Requirements: There is not much restrictions to enter the program. Anyone who is interested in IT can apply the project. You dont have to be good at Math or English, but a good command of English does make the learning easier.

III. Core Courses and Details

1. The Total Hours and Course Credit: 320 hours (including the theoretical and practice courses); 20credits.

2. Core Courses: Python; Software Functional Testing and ToolApplication; Application Software Testing Project Practice; HPE Cloud Offerings; Big Da     ta; Devops, etc.  

3. Successful applicants will have classes with students of Rongzhi College, and all the courses are taught mainly in Chinese;

4. Class Time: The classes are usually on weekends from March to July each year, and schedules are subject to the Admission Letter.

5. Class Location: Rongzhi College of Chongqing Technology and Business University (Chongqing, China)

6. Institutes undertaking the project: HPE Software Institute, Rongzhi College of CTBU.  

IV. Tuition Fee

International Students: RMB 3000

Chinese Students: RMB14880.