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Introduction to Rongzhi College of Chongqing Technology and Business University (CTBU)



Rongzhi College of CTBU, jointly hosted by Chongqing Technology and Business University and Chongqing New Open Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2001 and approved as an independent college in full-time and undergraduate-level education by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2003. It has been allowed to award Bachelor’s degrees since 2011.  

Our Objective

Rongzhi College adheres to the vision of pioneering Industry –Education Integration and modeling private colleges. Under the guidance of the theoretical system of characteristic Chinese socialism, the college carries out comprehensive educational and teaching reform for the purpose of serving the development of local industries. The college advocates student-centered undergraduate programs and aims at cultivating “Five-Top” talents (financial talents who have high quality, solid theoretical knowledge, professional skills, problem-solving abilities and effective communication skills) through “differentiation, internationalization, team orientation and informationization” and the support of scientific research. The ultimate objective of Rongzhi College is to become one of the high-level application-oriented private colleges which focus on the development of all the economic, managerial, engineering, literature and science subjects with Finance-led disciplines as the locomotive.  

Our Campus

Located in Chongqing, China’s largest municipality, Rongzhi College covers an area of more than 60 acres. The campus, located on Longzhouwan Education Avenue in Ba’nan District of Chongqing, is characterized by modern architecture, superior teaching and living facilities, state-of-the-art multimedia classrooms and laboratories, air-conditioned students’ dormitories, a fully functional gym, library, lecture hall and cafeterias. Construction underway from 2016 to 2018 will double the size of the campus.  

Organizations and Leadership
The college exercises the president responsibility system under the leadership of a board of directors. It is presently equipped with Administrative office, Office of CPC work, Academic Office, Students’ Office, HR Office, Financial Office, Enrollment and Employment Office, Logistical Office, Scientific Research Office, Safeguarding Office, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Information Technology Center and School of Continuing Education etc.  

Programs and Faculties  

Rongzhi College has 8 schools and 2 direct teaching divisions:
• School of Finance
• School of Accounting
• School of Wealth Management
• School of Economy
• School of Commerce
• School of Information Technology
• School of Logistics Engineering
• School of Management Engineering
• Department of General Education
• Department of Ideology.  

Currently, the college has more than 8,700 students and a faculty of 552, with 442 of them professional teachers, more than 30% of whom are double-professionally-titled teachers. Those with master’s degree or above account for 90% of the total number of professional teachers, and about 45% of them are associate professors and professors. The college regularly invites domestic and foreign scholars and experts to give academic lectures and practice instructions.

Specialties and Concentrations

Rongzhi College is famous for its economic and financial majors and offers 28 full-time undergraduate programs, including Economics, International Economy and Trade, Event Management, Trade Economy, International Business, Economy Statistics, Networks and New Media, Finance, Financial Management, Insurance, Taxation, Credit Management, Investment, Accounting, Assets Assessment, Auditing, Logistics Management, Land Resources Managements, Information Management and Information System, Industrial Engineering, City Management, Real Estate Development and Management, Engineering Management, Property Management, E-commerce, Digital Publishing, Software Engineering and Logistics Engineering. To meet the students’ needs at different levels, the college set up the first ACCA and CFA classes in independent colleges in Chongqing.
Economics, Finance, Logistics Management and Accounting were approved as “Majors of specialties” by the Chongqing municipal government. The Finance Discipline Group, covering Finance, Insurance, Credit Management, Investment and Economics, was approved as “Discipline Group of Specialties”, which is unique among all the independent colleges in Chongqing and the only financial one among universities and institutions in Chongqing.  

Our Uniqueness

1. The training mode of “Five Top” talents: Integrating academic and non-academic education, knowledge and ability education, life and career education and cultivating financial talents who have high quality, solid theoretical knowledge, professional skills, problem-solving abilities and effective communication skills.
2. The curriculum system of “Three Modules and Two Supplements”: In response to the market and student needs, optimizing the talent training scheme through the three modules of general education, professional education and applied skills training, as well as providing supplementary credited courses through online certificate-oriented education.
3. Excellent faculties of “The Main body and two wings”: The main body of our staff is our full-time teachers who graduated from well-known universities home and abroad. One “wing” refers to the ongoing support and engagement of “double-titled” executives from industry, and the other refers to academic professionals from Chongqing Technology and Business University.
4. International Cooperation and Exchange with one core and multi-diversities: Exploring diversified international cooperation and exchanges based on “3.5+1” and “4+1” programs.
5. Scientific research system of “Four participants developing creativity together”: Cultivating a scientific research team composed of talents from the college, industries, governmental offices and other organizations.  

International Exchange and Cooperation

Rongzhi College sticks to the “Opening-up” strategy of “taking root in Chongqing, serving west China and facing China and the world”, and conducts active and in-depth international exchanges and cooperation. So far, the college has established partnership with many universities and institutions in 5 countries and regions in the world, including East-west University, Avila University, California State University (Fullerton), Elgin Community College in America, BPP University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Lincoln in the U.K., Woosong University in South Korea and National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. Each year the college invites well-known experts and scholars to visit the campus and give lectures. We also encourage teachers and students to go abroad for visits and exchanges.
• International Student Exchange Programs: Opportunities are offered to students who are willing to study abroad for one or two semesters. Credits are admitted by the involved universities or institutions.
• Intensive 3/3.5+1 Postgraduate Programs: Students can apply for postgraduate programs in the second semester of their sophomore year. They are encouraged to complete the necessary Bachelor’s degree programs plus achieve sufficient proficiency in English in 3 or 3,5 years. Students who earn the Bachelor’s degree of Rongzhi College and fulfill the admission requirements of the cooperative universities can conduct 1-year further study for a Master’s Degree at the partner university.
• Short-term Training and Cultural Programs: Students are encouraged to take short-term training or cultural tours in summer or winter vacations to broaden their horizons, improve their communication skills, know more about the overseas schools and prepare earlier for their international study in future. Students can get certain credits for this experience. Students usually apply at the beginning of each semester.  


During the past 3 years, the school faculties published a great number of essays in various regular journals and periodicals, many of which are included by EI or ISTP. In addition, our staff has carried on various provincial-and-ministerial-level scientific research projects, which are funded by the Chongqing’s municipal government or Ministry of Education of China. A few suggestions on the development of Chongqing’s economy submitted by some of our teachers got the approval of the municipal government and were adopted by the relevant departments. According to Wu Shulian, an expert in ranking Chinese universities and institutions, Rongzhi College ranks 63th in terms of comprehensive power, being No. 1 among Chongqing’s independent colleges in 2016. Our teachers’ innovation ability and performance get the highest rank in Chongqing and the 17th place among 275 independent colleges.  

Laboratories and Training Rooms

Thanks to the financial support from the municipal government, there are 1 Chongqing’s model experiment center which consists of 12 economic and managerial labs and other 13 modern labs and training rooms on campus. The Comprehensive Experimental Teaching Center for majors in Economics and Management is recognized as one of models for construction of such teaching centers, being the only one in Chongqing’s independent colleges.  

Books and other Resources

The college library offers a rich collection of books, with more than 640,000 paper books, 480,000 electronic books and over 640 Chinese and foreign periodicals. Subject areas include economics, management, accounting, finance, social science, science, engineering, medicine, health and other disciplines. In total, there are more than.  

Graduate Outcomes

In the past few years, graduates from Rongzhi College have enjoyed an employment rate above 96%, higher than most colleges and universities in Chongqing. Graduates from Rongzhi College are able to seek employment from all trades, including finance, financial management, transportation, warehousing and logistics, postal delivery, real estate, manufacturing, national civil servants and teachers and other industries. Also some students were admitted to famous universities home and abroad for their Master’s degree, such as Nankai University, Fudan University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Chongqing University, Chongqing Technology and Business University and so on.  

According to a survey on the employment situation of graduates in Chongqing conducted by MyCOS, a professional graduates tracking and evaluation organization, graduates from Rongzhi College Graduates are spoken highly of by their employers, and come out in front on the employment competitiveness index, job satisfaction and the basic ability to work at the time of graduation.


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