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Deepen Industry-education Integration, Assist in Collaborative Education — Teachers and Students of the School of Logistics Engineering of Our School Went to Orchard Port and Lianglu Cuntan Bonded Port for Professional Practice

To broaden students' professional horizons, promote school-enterprise cooperation in education, and deepen the integrated development of industry and education, teachers from the School of Logistics Engineering of our school, including Zhangjun, academic leader; Li Zhanfeng, deputy director of the logistics engineering teaching and research section; and a full-time teacher Li Shumei, organized their students majoring in logistics management and logistics engineering to conduct a professional cognition practice activitie at Orchard Port and Lianglu Cuntan Bonded Port, and JD. super experience shops on May 31, 2021.

The first stop of the activity was Orchard Port, where the staff led everyone to visit the exhibition hall of Orchard Port and then went onto the viewing platform to observe the operation of container terminal. This is the first time these students came into close contact with international logistics hub, feeling the magnificent momentum of China’s largest iron water multimodal transport hub port in inland river, where China-EU trains (Chongqing), sea-land new channel and the water of Changjiang gathered together, with an regular capacity of 16 berths of 5,000 ton, and an annual capacity of 30 million tons, making it an important platform bearing the joint of “One Belt and One Road” and Changjiang Economic Belt.

At the second stop of the activity, teachers and students went to Chongqing Lianglu Cuntan Bonded Port Area and JD. Super Experience Store for cognitive practice. In Chongqing LiangLu Cuntan Bonded Port Area, teachers and students visited and learned from Vipshop Chongqing cross-border e-commerce warehouse and Chongqing DiFeng Logistics Carload Transportation Center. In the Vipshop Chongqing cross-border e-commerce warehouse, the staff enthusiastically showed the students around and explained to them the warehouse operation process in detail, from warehousing operation to the whole shelf, and then to sorting, checking and delivery, making the students get a deep understanding of the transfer process of cross-bordere-commerce products in the urban distribution link. In Chongqing Difeng Logistics Small Carload Transportation Center, students learned about the knowledge of small carload transportation and its status quo.

At the last stop of the activity, all the teachers and students went to the JD. Super Experience Store, where they visited and experienced the immersive life scenes, panoramic sound hall, light and shadow corridor and other sound and light to enjoy a high-tech life, as well as the featured scene experience areas such as 5G, 3D printing, e-sports games and Chongqing miniature landscape photography sandtable. In JD. Super Experience Store, consumers can realize the optimal online and offline real-time purchase experience. Through offline experience and online order, JD. Logistics provides integrated delivery and packaging services to realize one-stop service of product design, selection, final installation and after-sales.

This professional practice enabled students majoring in logistics of the class of 2020 of our school to systematically understand the development status and trend of logistics, to understand the culture and management mechanism of logistics and e-commerce enterprises, to deepen their understanding of the selection of logistics facilities and equipment and their perception of actual operation, laying a solid foundation for further learning the professional knowledge of logistics.