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The Taxation Team of Our School Won the First Prize in the Final of the First “Hengxin Cup” National Individual Income Tax Calculation Professional Skills Competition (undergraduate group) in 2021

From May 24 to 26, 2021, the final of the first “Hengxin Cup” national income tax calculation professional skills competition (undergraduate group) was held online. This competition lasted for more than 4 months, with a total of thousands of contestants from nearly 210 schools nationwide participated in the preliminaryr ound of the contest and more than 1300 contestants from 150 schools entered the final.


He Pengwei, Zhou Mi, Liu Jun, Yang Yuqing, Yu Wei, Liu Yiyou, Li Yuting, Chen Siyi and WeiJiawen overcame difficulties and made progress under the leadership of Tian Hanling and Wang Huanhuan, teachers of Taxation Teaching and Research Office of the School of Accounting of our school, and they got into the final and won the first prize.


This contest was designed on the basis of vocational skills contest “1 + X” tax calculation standard certificate of professional skill level, with the spirit system of “1 + X” certificate. At the contest, each team shall set up three competition positions, including pre-withholding post, final settlement post, individual income taxplanning post, the competition task booklets based on real work, work task, typical businesses, and work skills. Undergraduates’ core knowledge and skills of personal income tax business are comprehensively tested through the competition aspects such as the primary financial and tax basis of individual tax calculation, tax management system declaration of natural person, annual final settlement of personal income tax, and tax planning of personal income tax.


Attending this competition is a test for the teaching achievements of our school in finance, accounting and taxation, and demonstrated the general skills and professional abilities of our students in tax positions. This competition provided valuable experience in improving students’ professional quality and skill level, leading the major construction and curriculum reform of universities, comprehensively improving the teaching quality, and cultivating high-quality specialized talents and top innovative talents with persistent faith, good moral character, rich knowledge and excellent skills. At the same time, it is also a friendly game between schools, to learn from each other and improve each other’s quality of financial and taxation talents.