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President of Our School Wu Hua’an Led a Delegation to Deloitte Global Delivery Center to Negotiate New Development in Industry-education Integration


On May 27th, President of our school Wu Hua’an led a team to Deloitte Global Delivery Center to discuss the new development of our school’s industry-education integration.


Present at the meeting are administrators from both sides, and they are: Ge Ming, Deloitte global delivery center director partner; Li Feng, Deloitte audit department director manager; Deloitte audit managers Cao Guozhen, Chen Hongmin, Wang Ting, and Liu Chunxia; Shen Min, our school’s vice principal; Zhou Xiong, director of the academic affairs office of our school; Xie Fujie, dean of the School of Account of our school, Yao Zhuanhua, secretary of the party branch of CPC of the School of Accounting of our school, Liu Xianzhou, director of the Teaching and Research Section of Accounting of our school.


First of all, Mr. Ge Ming, on behalf of Deloitte Global Delivery Center, extended a warm welcome to all the leaders and teachers of our school and reviewed the process and progress of the year-long cooperating program of both sides -  Deloitte practical training class. Shen Min, vice president of our school, expressed his gratitude for the training platform and job opportunities provided by Deloitte to our students, and he also expressed his expectation for more cooperation in the future. Zhou Xiong, director of the academic affairs office of our school, put forward suggestions on curriculum development and expressed his support. Then, Xie Fujie, Yao Zhuanhua, and Liu Xianzhou, administrators of the School of Account of our school exchanged information on the cooperation details and employment cooperation of Deloitte class in the early stage.

Finally, President Wu Hua’an pointed out that the main guideline of our school’s development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period is industry-education integration. He then put forward five suggestions for the cooperation between our school and Deloitte: First, customized enrollment; Second, case-based curriculum teaching; Third, internationalization of both sides; Fourth, dual qualified experts of higher professional college teachers; Fifth, enterprises participating in university research projects.

The Deloitte class is a successful case of cooperation between our school and a world-renowned enterprise, and an important measure taken by our school to seek self-development, to meet the needs of market, to improve the quality of education, and to train practical technical talents for enterprises. As an application-oriented university of finance and economics, our school will rely on the school-enterprise cooperation platform to strengthen the teaching reform, promote the integration of production, education and research, in an effort to make greater contributions to serving the local economy.